Entering the World of Private Practice

February 8, 2013 was a snowy day in Vermont. That’s not surprising, as it’s right in the thick of winter and, well, it’s Vermont. I remember it specifically because I had been intending to take the day off of work, but I didn’t need to because we ended up having a snow day. It was also the day I took one of the hardest exams of my life: the EPPP (referred to as the “E triple P”). It is a licensure exam in clinical psychology. It is a doctoral level exam; psychologists nationwide take it to become licensed, however, Vermont is one of the few states that allows master’s level clinicians to also take the test. The test was grueling, the testing environment was high-security, and as my car slowly slipped through the snowy parking lot, I left feeling nervous, hopeful, and only slightly relieved.

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